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Friday, May 22, 2009


Free necklace

For all you there is a gift for you= jewelry necklace.
I tough that reason why we get it is because new philosophy is out..bout it is not true coz event non super star get it,,(yay ^.^ )..some people say that reason is because they join club askpaulinagirl,bout i am not in it ,bout still i got the necklace...however join in-you cant loose anything..
askpaulinagirl RC
You should find it in starplaza bag,by your closet.
What a great gift,I really like it ;D ..and you?


Friday, April 24, 2009


New Free dress!

How to get the dress above:

1. Enter this into your url bar:


2. Don't press enter yet! After the ''u='' ,in the link above, you should type in your Stardoll user ID. You can find the number under ''my account''.
3. Press go or enter.

4. Fill in the form at the bottom, you don't need to use real info or even a real e-mail adress.

5. Press submit and you should find a bag in your suite!

Go To Starplaza

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Week 1 / Month 1

Suite- ImAliceCullen
Me-doll- cltreanor
Clubs- TaylorSwift (owned by cmunchkin610)
Scenery- Miley_Rose_Gal
Creative- cltreanor 

Saturday, April 18, 2009


What I think-
Decades Is a very old fashioned store it would be good for grandma's. It has some ugly things.

Least Fav Item
Coco Top, Coco Dress, Classic Flapper Dress, Coco Hat, Coco Tweed Jacket, 1930 Long Tiered Dress and Coco Dress 1937

Fav Item
Flowarl Shirt Dress, New Look Dress, Sabrina Top Sabrina Skirt



What I Think-
I think Fudge has a very unatrul background. It has a very nice range of clothes and other things.

Least Fav Item-
The Crazy Print Tee, Pants w leg-warmers, Fluf vest and the Music Print Leggings

Fav Item-
Star print tube dress and ythe Striped Front Pocket dress

7/10 Fudge did a good job

Friday, April 17, 2009

Stardoll News!


General-By Bixxy101

The big news this week is that LE is back.

I think that this LE is a lot better than the Last LE what do you think?

My Shop Review


I think ELLE has a great range of clothes and great accesories. The clothes are in my opinion the best on Stardoll!

My least-favourite item is the Belted Girly Tee.

My favourite item is the Emerald Puffball dress.

My Rating is…


Me-doll of the week-


She is extremely pretty, and has so many styles check her out just click this link.


Raffle Draw-

We have selected a few names of who we are putting in the draw!

And the winner is…..


A present is n your way!

Review of the week-

It has been a busy week on Stardoll. The new LE came out and there was more free stuff. Also to some personal news. I am now a non-superstar so I will not be able to get you any gifts. But thank-god that we have the loyal Fashion writer Jordie26 who will provide our winners with gifts.


Shout Out-

A special shout out to Jordie26. Thanks for being so loyal to this blog.

That’s all from me here is the fashion section.

Xoxoxo Bixxy101


Fashion Do's & Dont's



Stardoll Fold Over Top $4

Stardoll Skinny Jeans $5

Stardoll Strappy Sandel $4

Stardoll Scarf $3

This comes to a total of $16




LE Mint Ruffled Bikini $150

Le Tri Color Stacked Platforms $150

LE Patent Cage Bag $100

LE Modern Hippy Tank $75

This come to a total of $475


Fashion Do's & Dont's




Stardoll Handbag $4

Bisou Basic Top $5

Bisou Stretch Jeans $5

Rio Slip on Sandels $3

This comes to a total of $ 21




Bisou Hot Buys Jumpsuit $14

Tingeling ballerina shoes $7

Tingeling Black Hairbow $6

This comes to a total of $27








What I think-

ELLE Has a very good range of clothes and some of them are hard to choose. My only Problem is that a dress is $16 and it's really not that nice it is called Satin Multi Ruffle Party Dress.

Fav Item-

My Fave Item would have to be the Mordern Moto Jkt and the Modern Animal Print Tank

Least fav Item-

By Far the Hot Pink Sequin Tee it's really not that nice and I also don't like the Satin Multi Ruffle Party Dress because of that dear price.


ELLE gets a rating of 7/10 because some of the items are good but not all.



This weeks Accesorie is..................................................................................................

The Tinsel Headband



Cothing of the week is....................................................................................................

S-L Butterfly Print Tank

It is in Pretty In Pink



Fashion Tip

Try to shop for good clothes then you might be cover girl.

Don't Buy things that your friend likes buy the things you like.

Try and buy cheap nice looking clothes.

By Jordie26

Thank-you for reading the first Stardoll Newspaper!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Free Dog

If you're from the Netherlands, you can get the dog by watching the trailer in the cinema. But if you are not Dutch, follow these steps to get the FREE Chloe Dog:

1. Go into su rf ert.nl (no spaces)
2. Type in: star doll.com/nl /cine ma (no spaces)
3. Log in
4. Wait a few seconds, then log out.
5. Log in to normal Stardoll. There you have your dog!
The dog is really cute by the way!