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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Free Dog

If you're from the Netherlands, you can get the dog by watching the trailer in the cinema. But if you are not Dutch, follow these steps to get the FREE Chloe Dog:

1. Go into su rf ert.nl (no spaces)
2. Type in: star doll.com/nl /cine ma (no spaces)
3. Log in
4. Wait a few seconds, then log out.
5. Log in to normal Stardoll. There you have your dog!
The dog is really cute by the way!


  1. I just got a monster high jacket.

  2. i just got a kung fu panda 2 rock... drum... thing...

  3. If Yuu Lie Yuu Cheat..Yuu Steal Because That Didnt Wrk!

  4. Hallow!!! I got NOTHING!!! XD

  5. i got nothing...i followed the instructions and i got nothing!!!!!

  6. It worked! It was a cat, not a dog but it was adorable! Thanx!!! :-D

  7. All of you people above, I don't think you followed the instructions correctly because it really did work for me...I hope you try again and get the cat!