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Friday, May 22, 2009


Free necklace

For all you there is a gift for you= jewelry necklace.
I tough that reason why we get it is because new philosophy is out..bout it is not true coz event non super star get it,,(yay ^.^ )..some people say that reason is because they join club askpaulinagirl,bout i am not in it ,bout still i got the necklace...however join in-you cant loose anything..
askpaulinagirl RC
You should find it in starplaza bag,by your closet.
What a great gift,I really like it ;D ..and you?


Friday, April 24, 2009


New Free dress!

How to get the dress above:

1. Enter this into your url bar:


2. Don't press enter yet! After the ''u='' ,in the link above, you should type in your Stardoll user ID. You can find the number under ''my account''.
3. Press go or enter.

4. Fill in the form at the bottom, you don't need to use real info or even a real e-mail adress.

5. Press submit and you should find a bag in your suite!

Go To Starplaza

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Week 1 / Month 1

Suite- ImAliceCullen
Me-doll- cltreanor
Clubs- TaylorSwift (owned by cmunchkin610)
Scenery- Miley_Rose_Gal
Creative- cltreanor 

Saturday, April 18, 2009


What I think-
Decades Is a very old fashioned store it would be good for grandma's. It has some ugly things.

Least Fav Item
Coco Top, Coco Dress, Classic Flapper Dress, Coco Hat, Coco Tweed Jacket, 1930 Long Tiered Dress and Coco Dress 1937

Fav Item
Flowarl Shirt Dress, New Look Dress, Sabrina Top Sabrina Skirt



What I Think-
I think Fudge has a very unatrul background. It has a very nice range of clothes and other things.

Least Fav Item-
The Crazy Print Tee, Pants w leg-warmers, Fluf vest and the Music Print Leggings

Fav Item-
Star print tube dress and ythe Striped Front Pocket dress

7/10 Fudge did a good job

Friday, April 17, 2009

Stardoll News!


General-By Bixxy101

The big news this week is that LE is back.

I think that this LE is a lot better than the Last LE what do you think?

My Shop Review


I think ELLE has a great range of clothes and great accesories. The clothes are in my opinion the best on Stardoll!

My least-favourite item is the Belted Girly Tee.

My favourite item is the Emerald Puffball dress.

My Rating is…


Me-doll of the week-


She is extremely pretty, and has so many styles check her out just click this link.


Raffle Draw-

We have selected a few names of who we are putting in the draw!

And the winner is…..


A present is n your way!

Review of the week-

It has been a busy week on Stardoll. The new LE came out and there was more free stuff. Also to some personal news. I am now a non-superstar so I will not be able to get you any gifts. But thank-god that we have the loyal Fashion writer Jordie26 who will provide our winners with gifts.


Shout Out-

A special shout out to Jordie26. Thanks for being so loyal to this blog.

That’s all from me here is the fashion section.

Xoxoxo Bixxy101


Fashion Do's & Dont's



Stardoll Fold Over Top $4

Stardoll Skinny Jeans $5

Stardoll Strappy Sandel $4

Stardoll Scarf $3

This comes to a total of $16




LE Mint Ruffled Bikini $150

Le Tri Color Stacked Platforms $150

LE Patent Cage Bag $100

LE Modern Hippy Tank $75

This come to a total of $475


Fashion Do's & Dont's




Stardoll Handbag $4

Bisou Basic Top $5

Bisou Stretch Jeans $5

Rio Slip on Sandels $3

This comes to a total of $ 21




Bisou Hot Buys Jumpsuit $14

Tingeling ballerina shoes $7

Tingeling Black Hairbow $6

This comes to a total of $27








What I think-

ELLE Has a very good range of clothes and some of them are hard to choose. My only Problem is that a dress is $16 and it's really not that nice it is called Satin Multi Ruffle Party Dress.

Fav Item-

My Fave Item would have to be the Mordern Moto Jkt and the Modern Animal Print Tank

Least fav Item-

By Far the Hot Pink Sequin Tee it's really not that nice and I also don't like the Satin Multi Ruffle Party Dress because of that dear price.


ELLE gets a rating of 7/10 because some of the items are good but not all.



This weeks Accesorie is..................................................................................................

The Tinsel Headband



Cothing of the week is....................................................................................................

S-L Butterfly Print Tank

It is in Pretty In Pink



Fashion Tip

Try to shop for good clothes then you might be cover girl.

Don't Buy things that your friend likes buy the things you like.

Try and buy cheap nice looking clothes.

By Jordie26

Thank-you for reading the first Stardoll Newspaper!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Free Dog

If you're from the Netherlands, you can get the dog by watching the trailer in the cinema. But if you are not Dutch, follow these steps to get the FREE Chloe Dog:

1. Go into su rf ert.nl (no spaces)
2. Type in: star doll.com/nl /cine ma (no spaces)
3. Log in
4. Wait a few seconds, then log out.
5. Log in to normal Stardoll. There you have your dog!
The dog is really cute by the way!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


-in ELLE there is a necklace for 6 stardollars. I don't think you should buy it because there is a cheaper version in voile that costs 4 stardollars, and the one for 4 stardollars isn't for superstars!

-There is also lace up shoes in Phillosophy that cost 12, (superstar) and there is very simillar lace up shoes in decades that cost 4 stardollars for non-superstars!

-Also there is magenta platforms that cost 6 stardollars (for ss) in ELLE that are the same shape (only a slight different color) in pretty in pink for non ss that cost five....


This is me!(If you have not already visited me!

This is Jordie26(The fashion writer)


Mooncre still works!

Hey evereyone! I was clubbing and then I noticed a topic where someone claimed that the moonacre gift was still avilabe. By using the proxysites, they got the hold of the gifts.. I checked it out, but it didn't work for me.. Anywa, A LOT of people said that it worked for them... So, if you'd like to give it a shot (even though it most likely wont work "but you don't know until you've tried it ;)"), here's what you do:

1. Go to a proxysite like : UPDATE!: This proxy site work : goproxing.com 

2. Paste stardoll.com in the browser and log ito your account. 

3. Paste the moonacre linkt in the browser.

4. IF it works, then you should have it after that... It didn't work on my computer, but it might work at yours, since it has worked for a lot of other people.. so if you try it, be prepared on failiour... But I guess if it works for you, you'll be a lot happier! :) So please don't leave mean comments and be mad at me if it doesn't work.. As ginnycee says: Some of the old links may not work, but it's worth a try! And I totally agree!

So here are all the Monacre links (besides the book..):

Cake plate
Piano chair
Crystal ball

Hope it works for you!

L-S Jumpsuit

Just for case you did not noticed blue jumpsuit is in starplaza.It is SS and cost 10 sd.It is kinda expensive,,bout if you are able I recommend that you buy it,,coz later it will be very rare..You can find it in Fudge store.

P.S-i am sorry ,it is not my theme ,,bout i wait to somebody write post about it,,bout nobody did..

Will you buy it?


Looks like the new LE collection is coming really soon. 
So everybody keep your computers on and be the first ones to by the gorgeous new stuff. 

Do you think it will be as great as the previous collections?
Will it be better? Or worse? 
Tell me what you think!

Free Pressie!

I suggest that you join ask paulina girls; Paulina has reached the 50 thousand mark and apparently all members of her club will get a gift / surprise... I have copied what Paulina (the real celeb) wrote:

Hello all my wonderful members!
The good news is: we have reached our 50 thousand mark, and we will soon be receiving a special gift just for members.
The bad news: I've been reading the topics here to catch up, and have been discouraged to find the club I made to function as a big sister is being used to sometimes bully and offend. This club is for me a kind of an experiment, really. 
I wanted this club to be a friend, a friend that listens to your problems without a judgement, or at least with many different judgements, so you can make up your own mind. This is why I don't want to ban any members. I'm really truly hoping that if those of us who care, and behave with kindness and respect, will outnumber those who don't, and at the same time, teach those that there are alternative ways to behave by EXAMPLE.
I also think that those members who come here to get BAD attention probably need help even more than those of us who ask.
I wonder what it could be?????

Fallen Angel!

What I think-
I love most stuff in this shop and I highly reccomend it to goths and/or people who love black.
Least favourite item-
Would have to be the coat w/ fake fur and the Velvet Pullover. Definetly 2 fashion don'ts!
Favourite item-
By far the Studded jeans and the Paris Dress!
(The Editor!)

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Fallen Angel

What I think of Fallen Angel-
Fallen Angel has a very nice background and has some furniture that goes very well with the items.
Just some of the clothes are horrible I would rather live in a bin than wear them. Fallen Angel would be a fantastic shop if you like black and/or red.
Least Fav Item-
It would be the Fake Fur Jacket, Dreadlocks Wig, Coat w/Fake Fur, Chiffon L-S Dress, Front Pocket Pants, L-S Gothic Top, Fallen Miniskirt w Chains, Wide Pants w Belts.
Fav Item-
My Fav Item would have to be the Paris Dress, Von D Vest and the Tube Top.
My rating for Fallen Angel will have to be 6/10

Monday, April 13, 2009


Non-Superstar: 18 $
Multi Pear and flower necklace:
Voile, 4 $
Print Top:
Stardoll, 5 $
Skinny Jeans:
Stardoll, 5 $
Lace-up Ankle Boots:
Decades, 4 $

Superstar: 32 $
Layerd Floral Necklace:
ELLE, *6 $
Belted Girly Tee:
ELLE, *6 $
Wom in Bootleg Jeans:
ELLE, *8 $
Satin Lace-up Stiletto Boots:
Philosophy, *12 $

Go to Starplaza


Free Littlest Pet Shop!!!

If you noticed, in the minishop there is a new littlest pet shop, shop! All of the animals are 1 sd, except the butterfly which is free!


There is also a free koala if you watch the littlest pet shop video in the cinema! When you go back to your suite, it should be behind your mirror!

Evil Panda

What I Think-
Evil Panda Is Very Well Set Out And Has Marked Everything At An Appropriate Price. It Has A Creative Sign And The Background Fits Very Well With The Shop. Just Some Clothes Are Very Strange And To Weird.
Least Fav Item-
My Least Fav Item Will Have To Be The Torn Net Top It Just Does Not Fit In With Everything Else.
Fav Item-
My Fav Thing Will Have To Be The Tiger Print Top It Has 2 Very Good Colours Mixed Together.
My Rating Will Have To Be About 9/10

(The Writer)

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Evil Panda!

What I think- Evil Panda has the best accesories in all of Stardoll, but I personally do not really like most of their clothes!
Least favourite Item- Would have to be the Lip Print Tee and the Punk top. They are horrible and I would rather have my account deleted than wear them!
Favourite Item- By far the Evil Panda Punk dress! It is so hip and new! And I just adore it! That is something I would be seen wearing!
Rating- 7/101 it needs a few more clothes!
(The Editor)
Look out for Jordie26's review of Evil Panda!


Tell me what you guys think of the new stuff!!!!!!!

Day & Night Outfits

Styled Outfits: Day and Night

Day Outfits

Non-Superstar --
Earrings: 5$, Splendid
Cardigan: 5$, Stardoll
Shirt: 5$, Pretty in Pink
Jeans: 5$, Bisou
Bangles: 4$, Rio
Bag: 4$, Rio
Boots: 4$, Stardoll

Superstar --
Earrings: 6$, Splendid
Jacket: 12$, Elle
Shirt: 5$, Pretty in Pink
Jeans: 7$, Jordache
Bangles: 5$ and 3$, Elle
Bag: 6$, Decades
Boots: 6$, MKA

Night Outfits

Non-Superstar --
Shirt: 5$, Fudge
Dress: 5$, Pretty in Pink
Tights: 4$, Rio
Gloves: 2$, Voile
Bag: 4$, Stardoll
Necklace: 4$, Fudge
Shoes: 4$, Rio

Superstar --
Vest: 10$, Philosophy
Dress: 9$, Rio
Tights: 6$, Rio
Necklace: 5$, Elle
Gloves: 3$, Evil Panda
Bag: 7$, Elle
Shoes: 6$, Elle

Free Lodon Gifts

Free Gifts!

If you join the club, EF_StarClub_es, you will get 3 free gifts from the stardoll admin!

Click below then go to your suite!


Dove Stuff


When you join the club Dove_Wonderful, you recive these two gifts from stardoll admin! You can also will Dove Products and stardollars! So check it out :D

Free Tee

Free Tee!

(If you live in the US, you won't have to do the first step!)

1. Go to myproxy.ca

2. Paste stardoll.com/en/cinema in the browser and press enter

3. Log on your account.

4. The video might not show up, but you get the tee anyway!!!

Good Luck Jordie26

Sport Outfits

Cute Sporty Outfit!!!

A Cute Sporty Outfit!Cute and athletic at the same time!

Elle Teal Worn In tank-5sd
Elle Dark Distressed Denim Shorts-6sd
Fudge Leg Warmers-4sd
Hot Buys Boots-6sd
DKNY Oversized Black Bow Belt-6sd
Elle Deep Blue Carry All-6sd
DKNY Color Block Tassel Scarf-5sd
Total--38 stardollars

Go to Starplaza

Stardoll U Neck Tank-4sd
Stardoll Denim Shorts-5sd
Fudge Checkered Leg Warmers-5sd
Fudge Sneakers-5sd
Pretty In Pink Bow Belt-3sd
Bisou Sport Bag-4sd
Stardoll Heidi Klum Scarf-3sd
Total--29 stardollars
In Jordache there are some wonderful items but they are all not wonderful.
I like the Swirl Print Dress It's very different.
I don't really like the Ruffle Tunic because It's a bit to Grandma style.
I would Give Jordache 8/10


What I think of the shop Jordache-
I love this shop it is well priced with very stylish and nice clothes! The only thing that is bad is that it is not updated regulary!
My least favourite item in Jordache-
Definetely the Batwing top. It just does not suit the rest of the shop!
My favourite item in Jordache-
It has to be the Heidi Tee w/crystals. It is stylish and I just love it!
Rating for Jordache-
I give Jordache a rating of 9/10 I give it this because I find that it has not been updated in ages but is still awesome the way it is!
This has been my opinion on Jordache look outfor another Shop Opinion next week!
(The Editor)

More real hotbuys!

 Take a look how koolio is this!

Do's and Dont's 2

Fashion Do's
Pretty in Pink Pretty Top $5
Bisou Stretch Jeans $5
Evil Panda Tennis Shoes $4
This come to a total of $14
This comes to a total of $44
Go to Starplaza

Fashion Dont's
Philosophy Sequin Silk Tulle Dress $28
Philosophy Satin Lace Up Stiletto Boots $12
Voile Beatrix Flower Hat $4
Go to Starplaza


Free Dresses!!!

You can only get ONE
Black Dress-


Pink Dress-


Red Dress-


Green Dress-


if these links don't work, go to my account and change your email. stardoll should send you a picture that looks like the one above, and you should be able to click on one

New Hairstyle!

I know it's not my day for writing of posts, but I just wanted to tell you all about the new hairstyle right away! The Rihanna hairstyle is now available for all members! You find it among the short hairs...
Hope you like it!!!!!

Jordie26 Bixxy101

Free Mini Cooper!

To get the free car follow the instructions below:
Go to the club EF_StarClub_it
(You will be taken to another site)
On the left side of the screen it says "Free Gift" near the top
Click it and you will get the car by the mirror!
If you have the other London stuff, why not do what i done and make a London room!


Non Superstar--
Stardoll Jeans Jacket-4sd
Pretty in Pink Nightgown-5sd
Bisou Stretch Jeans-5sd
Rio Silver Shoes-5sd
Rio Handbag-5sd
Viole Shania Hat-4sd
Total--28 stardollars

Hot Buys Jacket-8sd
Elle Cherry Flutter Hem Dress-12sd
Elle Classic Skinny Jeans-7sd
Decades Coco Pumps-6sd
Rio Bag-4sd
Decades Coco Hat-6sd

xoxoxoxoxox Jordie26

Saturday, April 11, 2009

More hot buys

Hi guys I found some real-life hotbuys here they are.


Hot buys 2009

Well some of them are out,,but still i hope that I helped..I really like some of them,, cant wait till they come out^.^
Bixxy101 Jordie26


Easter Profile Graphics and Comments
Hi everyone
Happy Easter Hope you have a terrific Time and the Easter Bunny is good to you!

Fashion do's and dont's

Fashion Do's & Dont's for the week!
Go straight to Starplaza!
Shop at Cheap Stores to get the best result
Fudge Glitter Tank Top $5
Bisou Stretch Jeans $5
Pretty in Pink Ballerina Pumps $4
This comes to a total of $14
Buy Expensive Clothing
Fudge Girls Fergie Tomboy Trousers $7
Jordache Ruffle Tunic $6
DKNY Oversized Comfy Jumper $16
DKNY colour block tassel Scarf $5
DKNY colourfull Sneaker Pump $9
This comes to a total of $43
You see it's more Expensive to buy ugly clothes instead of nice cheap clothes!!
Click to go staraight to Starplaza!


1st post from ME!

Hi i am Jordie26,
this is my first ever post on this awesome site!
My Fashion Tip Of The Day!
Don't buy things at a expensive price when a majority of the time there will be something practically the exact same for a-lot less on Stardoll.
Latest Fashion!
Non-Superstar Style!
Fudge girls heart necklace $2
Stardoll Girls Checkered Leona Dress $5
Rio Chicas Peep-Toe Pumps $4
Fudge Girls Multicoloured Bangles $1
This comes to a total of 12 coins.
Superstar Style!
Evil Panda Dotted Dress $7
ELLE classic scrunch leggings $5
ELLE Strappy Platforms $6
This comes to a total of $18
Toodles Jordie26


Hi peeps this is a section on Jordie26 who is going to be writing on this club all the latest fashions on Stardoll! She is really cool so you should totally add her!!!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Cute dog pics

Hi I just found these pics and they are sooooo cute! I know it is nothing to do with stardoll but i couldn't resist!
Here they are!

Post what you think of them in comments!



Taylor Swift look-alike dress!

Have you seen this dress! It looks like this Taylor Swift Dress! Anyway that is basically all!

New LE!

The new LE stuff is meant to be coming in Easter! Here is a quick sneak peek
Chanel sixties fashionista with a twist on hippy staples such as the fringe bag - in modern colors such as sage and dusty pink.  Print tees speak loudly and can be paired up or down for any occasion.
Florals are back in a big way this spring - from cute paisley prints to bold structured roses - these pieces with added embellishments will make you stand out above everyone else!
Accessories take center stage with bold tropical colors that will add spice to every outfit.  Tri color stilettos raise the temperature this spring and the 'it' bag returns with new shapes and architectural lines.
This spring's must have item is the jumpsuit.  Check out this hot pink draped blazer playsuit in a bold new silhouette that plays with classic lines. Wear this from day into night with mile high heels and colorful accessories!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Free Queens Day Tee!

There's a free Queen's Dat Tee for you, if you follow these instructions. I think it's only meant for users from the netherlands, but if you do the following, you get it anyway.
Go to surfert.nl 
type stardoll.com in the address bar at the top of the page Press Surf
Log onto your stardoll acount
On the top of the page, past this liink into the web address bar:
and press surf.
As soon as you get to the Koningdagen page (or in other words, the orange page), scroll down till you see the Doe Mee button.
Click it
Go back to you suite, and you get the t-shirt!
Thanks to the club Free-Stuff411 and Sabrinia624 for this cheat!

Super Suite+comp

Check out this stylin' suite!
I was thinking about having a comp! If you have any ideas please write them in my guest book or here in comments!
The prize will be you being a writer on here! I will decide what post to give you! If you are interested in this write your name in my guest book or in comments!