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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Fallen Angel

What I think of Fallen Angel-
Fallen Angel has a very nice background and has some furniture that goes very well with the items.
Just some of the clothes are horrible I would rather live in a bin than wear them. Fallen Angel would be a fantastic shop if you like black and/or red.
Least Fav Item-
It would be the Fake Fur Jacket, Dreadlocks Wig, Coat w/Fake Fur, Chiffon L-S Dress, Front Pocket Pants, L-S Gothic Top, Fallen Miniskirt w Chains, Wide Pants w Belts.
Fav Item-
My Fav Item would have to be the Paris Dress, Von D Vest and the Tube Top.
My rating for Fallen Angel will have to be 6/10


  1. Lian y sian bianlls wllian Maytillyia!!

  2. Miankeela thirrgeanks soaon tionako