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Wednesday, April 15, 2009


-in ELLE there is a necklace for 6 stardollars. I don't think you should buy it because there is a cheaper version in voile that costs 4 stardollars, and the one for 4 stardollars isn't for superstars!

-There is also lace up shoes in Phillosophy that cost 12, (superstar) and there is very simillar lace up shoes in decades that cost 4 stardollars for non-superstars!

-Also there is magenta platforms that cost 6 stardollars (for ss) in ELLE that are the same shape (only a slight different color) in pretty in pink for non ss that cost five....

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  1. Before you could get the Pink Pumps for free, the Isla Fisher ones! And the belt for the Confessions of a Shopoholic Belt, same as the Hilary belt in Bisou ( i think)